TIME published this gem a few days ago, but we thought it would be especially noteworthy on Earth Day. The biggest story on earth is climate change (notice how quickly the border crisis has disappeared from the news?), so why can’t Hollywood make good movies and TV shows about it, asks Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo.

Nesbo writes:

When good and also commercially successful film and television is produced that deal with themes such as racism, sexual exploitation, genocide, drug addiction, corruption and mental health problems, then why not stories based on the climate change crisis?

For instance, imagine a climate researcher whose education has been funded by her beloved father, who is running an oil company that has brought employment and prosperity to a once-poor community. She is trying to convince her father to join her fight for the climate when she is kidnapped. By who? Why? I don’t know yet, but it’s an example of the kind of fictional narrative that could mirror the problems and dilemmas of our real world.

What writer would just give away a million-dollar idea like that?

Boring? Get John Kerry to do a cameo!

Because “The Day After Tomorrow” has come and gone for decades with nothing happening?