Some people are calling out founder Steve Milloy for getting his numbers from the American Sign Language version of President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate and not the main English feed. Still, considering climate change is the biggest issue of our time (according to Biden during the Democratic primary debates) and that Biden is the most popular president in history, we’ll allow it.

Knowing Kerry, he probably flew on a private jet to Iceland to stream his contribution from there.

Yes, Special Climate Envoy Kerry wants to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and kill all plant life on earth.

We did check the English version of the video, which got a respectable 82,889 views … over the course of seven-and-a-half hours. And judging from YouTube’s search results, journalists were the only ones paying attention. Meanwhile, the Arabic version garnered 784 views, and the Chinese version 1,800. And of course, comments were turned off for this very special event.


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