MSNBC didn’t even try with this one; they kick off their tweet demonizing police and the National Guard by revealing that their piece was written by Talia Lavin, who keeps failing upward. She resigned in disgrace from her job as a fact-checker at the New Yorker, was going to teach “Writing About the Far-Right” at NYU until her class was canceled after only two students signed up, and now is an MSNBC opinion columnist. Yes, it’s Talia Lavin.

Um, we thought people loved the National Guard now. Didn’t Speaker Nancy Pelosi make a big deal of posing for a photo with her new personal bodyguards at the Capitol?

Here’s where we’d quote from the piece but then we’d have to read it and we’re just not up to it.

The expert on the extreme right-wing mistaking a veteran’s tattoo for a Nazi symbol — what fact-checker hasn’t done that?

They were Trump’s stormtroopers in 2020, and guardians of the Capitol in 2021.

Rep. Steve Cohen saw through their ruse, estimating that 75 percent were Trump voters not to be trusted with Biden’s inauguration.