It was just a couple of days ago that the front page of the Washington Post featured a picture of President Biden walking through Arlington National Cemetery … while wearing a mask. Alone. And he’s been vaccinated.

We certainly didn’t expect it from Slate, but senior editor Shannon Palus has a lengthy piece Saturday arguing that it’s time to stop wearing masks outdoors.

There are a lot of angry people in the comments saying that this sort of talk is not helpful, but Palus brings the statistics:

… Zain Chagla, an infectious diseases physician with McMaster University, recently wrote an op-ed in the Toronto Star noting that last summer’s outdoor gatherings coincided with an all-time low of cases in the city. While it’s important to mask in outdoor crowds or if you’re hanging out close to someone in a park, Chagla explains, the main message should be that the outdoors is a safe place to be. He gave me a rough sense of how unlikely outdoor transmission is in the scenario where you’re walking unmasked on the sidewalk and briefly pass someone. First, you or the person you’re passing would have to happen to have an asymptomatic infection, he explained, and then everyone would have to be exhaling and inhaling at just the right moment, and also, exchanging enough particles to actually seed another infection: “You’re talking about a probability of getting hit by a car, and being struck by lightning.”

But what about that Democrat activist lawyer who dressed like the Grim Reaper and ran around the beach in Florida to make it clear everyone was going to die? He seemed pretty serious.

It seems the “just wear the damn mask” crowd has lots of friends in government, and they’re never going to end mask mandates, not even if everyone gets vaccinated. “Two weeks to slow the spread.”


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