Christopher Rufo is our usual clearinghouse for whistleblower documents on critical race theory that come from public schools and government agencies. This next batch is from a master’s degree course in education, and a student in the program sent some example documents to Rod Dreher, who wrote up his findings in The American Conservative.

There’s really nothing here that we haven’t seen before: There are the many tenets of critical race theory, including the permanence of racism and whiteness as property — of color, of culture, etc.

Future teachers are asked to answer questions like this one:

Based on what you learned about CRT’s second tenet — Whiteness as Property — who questions decisions that are made when the needs of Black or Brown students are seemingly considered “before” White students? How do you believe equity [can] ever be achieved in schools if Whiteness as Property continues to question why some of its “rights” are being infringed on by those who do not seemingly represent Whiteness?

Students in the class are also asked to answer the questions, “Where do you believe you show up on the Racial Identity Model that relates to your skin color? Why is it important to know where we show up on the Racial Identity Model as educators?”

Dreher writes:

Note how there can be no answer for the underperformance of minority students in class other than white racism. These ideologues insist that reality must conform to the tenets of the ideology.

I ask again, as I did late last week: What are they preparing us for?

We’re prepared for a lot of students not to be prepared for life if focusing on getting the correct answer to a math problem is seen as “whiteness.”

The nuclear family has to be dismantled … or at least disrupted, according to the founders of Black Lives Matter.