It’s pretty obvious that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has a thing against cars. Check these out:

“The mentality around roads” was that people needed to get where they were going.

Buttigieg was pretty jazzed by Vox’s piece on “Gen Z’s high-speed rail meme dream,” and we all know how well that high-speed rail project in Democrat-run California went. Come to think of it, Barack Obama had promised a nationwide network of high-speed trains, but even the New York Times assessed that “the projects have gone mostly nowhere” despite billions having been spent.

As we mention a lot here, always proceed with skepticism whenever a reporter says that “some people say” or “many believe.” The Washington Post is saying that some people close to the White House feel the Biden-Harris administration’s focus on major physical infrastructure investments “reflects a dated nostalgia for a kind of White working-class male worker.” In other words, roads and bridges are racist and sexist.

Come to think of it, Democrat FDR was big on infrastructure and also put Japanese-Americans in internment camps. Maybe infrastructure and racism do go together.