A group called Reopen California Schools has posted screenshots of a Facebook post by a Latin teacher at a high school in the Sacramento City Unified School District in which he claims that parents pushing for the classrooms to reopen is proof of the structural white supremacy at work in the district. The teacher says that he read the post to the school board, then posted it to Facebook, and then “a bunch of Qarens and Qurts had a field day being offended that I was calling them white supremacists, while denying that the system they fully identified with in their defense was, in fact, structural white supremacist.”

Why wouldn’t he quit rather than work for a school district that’s structurally white supremacist? Oh, because he’s one of the good guys.

His message to the board reads, in part (MOU is short for memorandum of understanding):

I come to you as a parent in full support of the teachers staying home in distance learning because it remains the safest and most humane practice. I’m as disappointed as I am unsurprised that last week, we all had to hear all the cynical, pearl-clutching, faux-urgency, ableist, structurally white-supremacist, hysteria, even as teachers were moving forward with an MOU that already put them in harm’s way and was asking too much of a beleaguered group of professionals.

This is not a country club. Our teachers are not the wait staff whom you callously and inhumanely disdain because they failed to anticipate that you wanted lime instead of lemon with your water when you walked in the door. This is a public service, aimed at educating your children so they grow up to be better than our generation. You set that back by quite a bit. And they’re watching.

He ends his post by saying, “I’m pretty goddamned done being polite and thinking there’s an acceptable middle ground on some topics. This is one of them.”

Funny … on Facebook he says his occupation is stand-up comic.

We’re only now getting an idea of just how many actually exist.

We’ll bet he thinks he’s saving the kids from their Qaren and Qurt parents … when he’s actually in a classroom with them, that is.