CNN, known for its garbage chyrons, comes through will some garbage tweets now and then. Here’s the tweet:

“Which led to an accident in which he was fatally injured?” Someone should tell the police, since the girls have been charged with murder, according to the linked headline: “Teen girls charged with murder, carjacking of Uber Eats driver in Washington, DC.”

CNN reports:

The girls, 13 and 15, assaulted [Mohammad] Anwar with a Taser while carjacking him, which led to an accident in which he was fatally injured, police said.

The girls were charged with felony murder and armed carjacking, police said.

The younger girl is from the southeast section of DC, the older from Fort Washington, Maryland, police said.

Anwar immigrated from Pakistan in 2014, his family said on the GoFundMe page.

And here’s video of the entire thing. Note how after the “accident” the girl is worried that her phone is still in the car … but unconcerned about the man with fatal injuries lying on the sidewalk.

Pure garbage take from someone who’s worried “there’s a lot of hate going around for black americans” and the video will just spread further hate:

“Well it seems to me the driver cared more about his car than his own life so it’s his own dam fault he died.”