We’ve seen stories like this one before, usually involving antique firearms that would explode into a cloud of rust if you tried to fire them. Over the weekend in Pensacola, Florida, police held a gun “buyback,” and one man showed up with homemade “boom sticks.”

OK, apparently that tweet’s incorrect.

The Pensacola News Journal reports:

At least one person at the event attempted to sell a homemade gun and posted photos about that on social media. Robinson said the city did not buy the homemade gun.

“Those were not accepted,” Robinson said. “We actually have an email from the individual who sent something to us that he was upset about it. They just simply weren’t eligible guns that we were not looking to pay for them. I’m sorry we messed him up on that. But I guess he’s welcome to keep his Second Amendment and keep his guns, and we were happy to let him do that.”

This next story appears to be confirmed, though:

According to the Free Beacon, Minneapolis Police paid $100 for this “shotgun” with the handwritten serial number, BUYBACKSDONTWORK01.

They really should have purchased the guns.

Apparently not. Good effort, though.