As Twitchy reported Friday, DC Circuit Judge Laurence Silberman warned in a “truly wild” dissent in a defamation case that “we are very close to one-party control” of the press.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway has taken a look at the dissent and extracted some of the juiciest bits:

We’re old enough to remember when a survey of the 100 largest newspapers showed that 57 endorsed Hillary Clinton while only 2 endorsed Donald Trump in 2016. President Biden missed Clinton’s record, having been endorsed by only 47 of the top papers, compared to Trump’s 7 endorsements.

CNN’s media police, Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter, who often neglect to mention the difference between straight news programs and opinion programs, now refer to Tucker Carlson as simply a “Fox propaganda host” — with no self-awareness.

“As one who lived through the McCarthy era, it is hard to fathom how honorable men and women can support such actions.”

We’d say they don’t realize they’re biased, since everyone in the newsroom shares the same opinion.


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