We already ran a piece today on the U.S. Army touting its chief diversity officer in a tweet beginning, “Extremism can tear apart cohesive teams.” Now we’re learning from Politico that President Biden’s State Department, currently headed by a white man, “is racing to address a 232-year-old problem” — its entrenched whiteness. If that’s a concern, give the Republicans credit for naming the first African-American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, followed by Condoleezza Rice, a black woman. The Democrats probably undid that entirely by picking Hillary Clinton and the model for entrenched whiteness itself, John Kerry.

Ryan Heath reports:

The problem is now in focus thanks [to] America’s national racism reckoning and the promises of the Biden administration to run the most diverse American government ever.

Blinken is hitting stages around the world to announce that “diplomacy is back” and moved quickly to create a new departmental Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer role, and committed that a Deputy Assistant Secretary in every bureau at the Department will be mandated to take charge of diversity, equity and inclusion issues.

Oh good, another C-level job: Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.