If you saw the Grammys, and you probably didn’t — we saw somewhere today only 8 million people tuned in — then you probably caught Cardi B and Best New Artist Megan Thee Stallion grinding up against each other while performing their hit, “WAP” (Wet A** P***y). Candace Owens was not impressed and told Cardi B to “do better.”

Here’s Cardi B’s witty rejoinder:

Apparently, four months ago, Candace Owens admitted that her husband cheated on her with her brother. Headlines don’t lie.

Whoa, Cardi B brought receipts. The Candace Owens story was picked up by such blogs as Hot New Hip Hop and Ace Showbiz.

It’s trending under “Politics.”

Gross, no.

Since no one asked, Planned Parenthood decided to weigh in on the side of cultural degeneracy: