We’re back with another thread by Christopher Rufo, who this time around brings us some documents from California’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum that presents the United States as a “Eurocentric, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal, heteropatriarchal, and anthropocentric paradigm brought from Europe.”

It is kind of jarring how they managed to sneak “countergenocide” in with other goals like “protest movements and revolutions,” “anti-settler colonialism,” “queering,” “critical race theorizing,” and “regeneration of indigenous epistemic and cultural futurity.”

Rufo writes:

California parents should be concerned. Under the guise of “equity” and “empowerment,” activists within the public education system have developed this radical new curriculum in order to transform California schools into factories for left-wing political activism. They have recast the United States as an oppressor nation that must be deconstructed and subverted through politics. The curriculum’s vision statement makes this aim explicit: it presents education not as a means of achieving competency, but as a “tool for transformation, social, economic, and political change, and liberation.”

Yes, it’s all available at this link, including suggested lesson plans like “#BlackLivesMatter and Social Change” and “The East L.A. Blowouts: An Anchor to the Chicano Movement.”

Oh, and we also stumbled upon the word “hxrstory” in there: “Ethnic Studies and this liberatory scale signify an inward gaze and, for many, the transition from being lost to becoming woke as a living part of hxrstory.”