Vivek Ramaswamy is drawing attention to a situation that seems implausible and that the Nevada Current’s April Corbin Girnus reports “has already garnered national attention, particularly among right-wing commentators who are critical of critical race theory and the concept of white privilege” (guilty as charged). She also notes that the mother’s lawsuit “is also receiving an assist from the International Organization of Families, an Illinois-based nonprofit whose work under the project name World Congress of Families has been designated an anti-LGBT extremist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center” (probably a good sign).

For real:

The Nevada Current reports that the fight is over a mandatory year-long civics course called “Sociology of Change” that’s based on critical race theory:

“William Clark was compelled to participate in public professions of his racial, religious, sexual, and gender identities, and would be labeled as an ‘oppressor’ on these bases,” reads the court filing.

At immediate stake is William Clark’s graduation.

The Clarks accuse Democracy Prep of refusing to accommodate the student’s “conscientious objection” to the course material by changing his grade or allowing him to take an alternative course. The plaintiffs are asking for the court to enjoin the school from denying William a high school diploma and accommodate him with “an alternative non-discriminatory, non-confessional class.”

They also want the court to declare that requiring students to reveal racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in a public-school classroom and in graded assignments is unconstitutional.

“Democracy Prep has been lauded by the Charter School Authority for making anti-racism a top priority at the school,” the report continues.

And even more from the article: “[Democracy Prep Executive Director Adam] Johnson told board members that the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the spring and summer of 2020 inspired the charter school to explore systematic oppression in schools. In the fall, the school unveiled a new five-year strategic plan naming anti-racism as its top priority.”

Of course.