Seattle-based radio host Jason Rantz shares with us the story of Tamon Leverette, who claimed that he was stopped and frisked by police for no other reason than being black and was later found to have called 911 on himself to report a man with a gun.

Rantz writes that the police in Arlington, Washington received a tip about a black man at a bus stop with a gun from “Stacey Williams.” A Department of Corrections officer called Stacey Williams to follow up and received the voice mail of Leverette.

While the motive is unclear, it appears the intent was to “goad” police into falsely accusing a Black teen of having a gun. The Arlington Police Chief even says Leverette’s Community Corrections officer explained, “the subject has mentioned that he (Leverette) could see himself in a similar situation as ‘George Floyd.'”

Police say Leverette called 911 on Feb. 22 to report a Black teen in a tan hoodie. He was supposedly holding a handgun with a red bandana tied around it. That sometimes is used by gang members with the Bloods.

The caller identified himself as “Stacy Williams” and told a 911 operator that the teen was “too young to even have a pistol. He only looks 16, 17 years old.”

“Well, I’m at the bus stop, and there’s a colored young man, and I can see a pistol right there,” he said on the 911 call, noting he was with his young sister at the time.

Rantz said Leverette has tried this before, calling as “Eric Johnson” and saying, “I’m with my daughters right now. There’s a young African American male, teenage. He has on black and red. I’ve seen, he has a gun on him. And, you know, I have my children here.”