It looks like there’s a new fact-checker in town that goes by the name of Trusted Report Team and just joined Twitter last month. When we checked, it had 56 followers, had protected its tweets, and yet had Twitter’s blue checkmark indicating it had been verified.

We’d post a tweet from the Trusted Report Team as an example, but we can’t, because as we said, they’ve protected their tweets, probably after people saw their fact-check on President Biden putting kids back in cages. Fortunately, The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra got a screenshot.

What kind of fact-check is that? Even leaving Biden out of it, it says any “cages” are from the previous administration, which is a lie; President Trump didn’t build those cages — we’ve all seen the photos of Barack Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson inspecting one of the facilities filled with kids. But get this — the Trusted Report Team says any cages are from the previous administration, but they’ve also “been open for a very long time.” So which is it?

What’s going on, Jack?

We wish Trusted Report Team would unlock its account so we could learn more facts.