Twitter attempts to be a news source by adding “context” to trending topics, and just like any other mainstream news outlet, it spins its descriptions to fit the liberal viewpoint. For example, check out what “many are pointing out” to make “xx and xy” trend Thursday:

Rand Paul is also trending Thursday, and as Twitter explains, “Senator Rand Paul is facing backlash for his questioning of Biden’s assistant health secretary nominee Dr. Rachel Levine about gender transition surgery, with some criticizing him for likening the process to ‘genital mutilation’.”

“With some criticizing him” — and a lot of people cheering him on. Twitter’s description leaves out that Paul was referring specifically to minors being given puberty blockers and surgery, which President Biden’s nominee for Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary supports.

Check out The Daily Beast’s headline: “Rand Paul Launches Into Transphobic Rant Against Trans Nominee.”

No, he’s trying to kill kids, because trans minors will commit suicide if they can’t get gender-affirming surgery — at least that’s was “some” commenters say.

Oh, the other argument against Paul is that if he’s against genital mutilation then he must be opposed to circumcision as well — because that’s the same thing as sex reassignment surgery.