Washington Post contributing columnist Kate Cohen does have a point: You rarely see a TV character who finds out she’s unintentionally pregnant choose to have an abortion, and if she did, it would be one of those “very special episodes.” But then again, why is that? TV writers are a liberal bunch, and yet they often leave abortion off the table. Could there be a reason?

In any case, Cohen is tired of it. She writes that she stormed into her daughter’s room after the sixth episode of the Netflix series “Atypical” and said, “Please tell me the therapist is not going to have that baby.” Her daughter then shrugged sympathetically and said, “Sorry, Mom.”

“Dammit! I was hoping that the young, professional woman, upon learning she was pregnant right after her jerky boyfriend left her, might decide to have an abortion. Instead, it turns out, she doesn’t even consider it,” Cohen writes, adding, “I am so tired of this.”

Which one is it liberals? Abortion on demand, without apology, regardless of term? Or are we going with the fiction that “no one likes abortion”?