If you were with us the other night, you’ll know that the New York Times sent out a warning about the audio chat app Clubhouse — the reporters’ research showed that “unfettered conversations are taking place” on the app, “despite grappling with concerns over harassment, misinformation and privacy.” The Times seemed concerned that conversations were unfettered; perhaps it will dedicate the reporters to monitoring the app for misinformation and reporting any violations.

ThinkProgress founder Judd Legum is also sending up a flare about Clubhouse. He was listening in the other night and hearing a disturbing conversation about the storming of the Capitol January 6.

Who is going to hold people accountable for saying dumb stuff? Big tech has already chased the “Nazis” off of Twitter and Facebook and onto Parler, which was then shut down. Now the Nazis are on Gab and Telegram and Clubhouse.

We’re not exactly sure how it works, but couldn’t he have spoken up and become part of the conversation?