How’s this for a whopper: Joy Reid, MSNBC’s biggest conspiracy theorist (and there’s competition), smeared Rush Limbaugh by claiming that his “black sidekick,” Bo Snerdley, was little more than “a cover to be able to do, like, that kind of outright racist stuff.

At least Reid believes that Snerdley exists (though that’s a pseudonym). The New York Times noted that Limbaugh had no on-the-air sidekicks, “though he had conversations with the unheard voice of someone he called ‘Bo Snerdley.'”

Listeners have heard Snerdley, though; one of Limbaugh’s best bits to deflect charges of racism during the Obama administration was to have Snerdley act as the show’s “Official Criticizer of Barack Obama.”

Ian Miles Cheong writes at The Post-Millennial:

Far from being a fiction of Limbaugh’s apparently broad imagination, a quick Google search for “Bo Snerdly” brings up Bo Snerdley, the pseudonym of James Golden, Limbaugh’s screener, producer, and engineer. Wikipedia states that Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, “has been a Producer/Executive for Premiere Networks, the largest radio syndication company in the United States” since 2001.

Golden is, it should be noted, a black man – making this yet another instance of the “anti-racist” liberal media erasing a successful black man.

In case the New York Times needs more proof, Snerdley is set to be on “Hannity” tonight: