Is this incitement? We don’t know who Rob Gill is and we can’t see his Twitter bio because he seems to have nuked his account, but a Google search describes him as simply an “influencer.” And on Saturday, as the Senate voted on Donald Trump’s impeachment, Gill used his influence to inform everyone to “go after” every senator who voted to acquit. He essentially pulled a Maxine Waters, calling for followers to “scream at them at airports,” call their homes in the middle of the night and show up at their offices.

Show up at their offices? The last time a Capitol Police officer showed up at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office we had a week-long news cycle about her brush with death.

Other tweets that have disappeared along with his account: “If you see Rand Paul at the airport, SCREAM AT HIM! #Kentucky” and “Thousands of Americans should start filing frivolous lawsuits against Donald Trump. Overwhelm him with a tsunami of small claims suits. His lawyers won’t be able to keep up & no one will take him on as a client. He’ll forget to respond to many & default judgment will be awarded.”

The Biden administration’s new anti-domestic-terrorist team would be at this guy’s house already.