In case you hadn’t heard, the official Twitter account of Project Veritas has been permanently suspended, and the account of James O’Keefe was temporarily locked reportedly for violating Twitter’s private information policy.

The Washington Examiner reports that Twitter’s actions were prompted by a video of Facebook Vice President of Integrity Guy Rosen being confronted by a Project Veritas reporter.

“Our reporter on the ground questioning Facebook VP of Integrity Guy Rosen never revealed the location he is at, nor were any street signs ever visible. Twitter is essentially saying we are to believe that a random number, on a random house, in a random location, is revealing ‘private information.’ Absurd. We have appealed this and are eagerly awaiting Twitter’s response,” [Project Veritas chief of staff] Spracklen added earlier Thursday.

That’s right; as Twitchy reported, 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones tweeted out a Washington Free Beacon reporter’s information, including his cell phone number, after he contacted her for comment on a story about the New York Times and its zero-tolerance policy on racial slurs. It’s OK though; the Times is cool with it:

The New York Post reports:

Nikole Hannah-Jones, 44, tweeted out Washington Free Beacon reporter Aaron Sibarium’s cell number after he asked her about old tweets where she spelled out the N-word amid uproar over the ouster of a veteran Times colleague getting fired for once using the word.

Sibarium said the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist kept his number online for 71 hours before deleting it — with a jokey exchange with another reporter suggesting she was aware it was up.

A spokeswoman for the Gray Lady defended Hannah-Jones, claiming to the Free Beacon that she had “inadvertently posted Aaron’s number when she tweeted an email she received from him.”

Oh, she “inadvertently” posted it. And then went back and scrubbed her timeline.

Remember when Sen. Mike Lee stumped the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter by asking them for the name of just one high-profile liberal censored by their platforms?