As you might know, Nick Pacilio, who handles communications for Twitter, formerly served as Kamala Harris’s press secretary, not that we’re suggesting he brought any political bias with him to his new gig. The Washington Post is out with a new report suggesting that there is no anti-conservative bias on social media and that any suggestion there is is “a form of disinformation.” Disinformation — like when every social media platform decided the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation and refused to let people link to it or share it.

Remember when Sen. Mike Lee asked the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google to name one high-profile liberal person or company that had been censored? Good times … they had to promise to circle back on that. (Meanwhile, we’re hearing that the MyPillow Twitter account has been suspended.)

So a bunch of university professors and a person from Google and a person from Facebook and a person from Twitter.

How about that.


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