Chad Felix Greene had a couple of righteous threads over the weekend, but we wanted to get back to this one because it ties in with what we’ve already written today and with things we’re going to write about later. We’ll just say that the list of receipts he pulled doesn’t surprise us; as we reported back in April last year, a Harvard professor argued against homeschooling in a piece for Harvard Magazine called, “The Risk of Homeschooling” — a risk so great that we should instate a “presumptive ban” on homeschooling.

The piece argued that “surveys of homeschoolers show that a majority of such families (by some estimates, up to 90 percent) are driven by conservative Christian beliefs, and seek to remove their children from mainstream culture,” which “may keep them from contributing positively to a democratic society.” According to Harvard Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, “some of these parents are ‘extreme religious ideologues’ who question science and promote female subservience and white supremacy.” In public schools, children would be safe from such radicalization.

Here’s a piece in response to that Harvard Magazine article.


“… some have speculated that racism played a role. But I’m looking at another possible influence: the fact that Reinking was homeschooled.”

Now that we’re in the “everyone I disagree with is a white supremacist” stage, they’ll most certainly go to the well again — if they ever open up the schools.