As you’ve no doubt heard by now, anyone can nominate anyone for the Nobel Peace Prize, and as Barack Obama proved, you can win it on credit and then call a drone strike on a wedding celebration if you want. You probably also heard that Stacey Abrams has been nominated for her work keeping the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. alive with her work on ensuring voting rights for all — a personal matter for her, seeing as she still blames voter suppression for her loss despite record turnout.

As we mentioned in that piece, Abrams had been nominated by Lars Haltbrekken, a Socialist Party member of Norway’s parliament. Also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is Black Lives Matter, nominated by Petter Eide, a Socialist Party member of Norway’s parliament.

As we also mentioned, Greta Thunberg, Rep. Barbara Lee, and the World Health Organization have also been nominated, so the competition this year is going to be lit.

We’re being told in the comments that bringing up rioting is so 2020. Maybe Black Lives Matter, the official organization, could have told the looters and rioters not to have spray-painted “BLM” on all the buildings that weren’t burned down.

Hey, that “fry ’em like bacon” chant was later put in context on MSNBC, where it was determined to be “more playful than anything.”

We don’t appreciate the clowns who stormed the Capitol and gave people a counterpoint to all the rioting and looting done in the name of Black Lives Matter, but we suppose we could make a deal; don’t lump all conservatives in with them, and we won’t lump all the rioters in with Black Lives Matter. It’s still a Marxist organization, though, which probably didn’t hurt its chances with a socialist MP.