As Twitchy reported, once the GameStop story took off, a reporter for Mother Jones decided to check out the messaging app Telegram to see if the Nazis were trading GameStop and AMC stock. If you’re not familiar with Telegram, the story goes like this: Once Twitter decided to kick the Nazis off the service, they all migrated to Gab, and then moved on to Telegram because it’s encrypted. (Meanwhile, conservatives started moving over to Parler, which Amazon Web Services then pulled down after the storming of the Capitol, seeing it as a platform for insurrection.)

That piqued the curiosity of Hill health reporter Nathaniel Weixel, who wanted to know what sort of overlap there was between the Redditors who were buying up GameStop stock and the Nazis who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Now Newsweek has gotten in on it and has been scouring Proud Boy groups and such on Telegram to see if far-right extremists are radicalizing day traders on the service. The answer: Yes … if you believe everyone to the right of Lenin is a Nazi.

If young white males team up to do anything online, they’re obviously white supremacists.