On Tuesday, Judge Drew Tipton of the Southern District of Texas blocked President Joe Biden’s 100-day pause on deportations. We suppose it was Biden’s plan to sign executive orders faster than judges could review them, but Tipton managed to block Biden’s deportation pause for 14 days.

CNN did a straight news story on it, but now we have the political analysis from Joan Biskupic, who writes that this is a sign of how a conservative judiciary could thwart Biden’s agenda.

Biskupic writes:

The short-term order by the Texas-based judge could also force a confrontation up to the US Supreme Court, where the Biden legal team already faces hard choices over how aggressively to press new legal positions before the nine justices — six of whom are conservatives, with three appointed by former President Donald Trump.

US District Judge Drew Tipton, also a Trump appointee, sided on Tuesday with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Trump loyalist who has challenged Biden’s temporary suspension of deportations.

The nationwide scope of Tipton’s order further intensifies debate over broad-scale actions against the executive branch imposed by a lone judge, which were the bane of the Trump administration.

Considering they were the bane of the Trump administration, it’s funny that the press seemed to celebrate each time a judge blocked one of President Trump’s orders, starting with the “Muslim ban.”

Even Biden himself said it would make him a dictator if he tried to rule by executive orders.

We don’t think CNN even considered that Biden would run into any opposition, so pure was his agenda.


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