In case you didn’t catch on during the campaign season or during President Biden’s signing of dozens of executive actions, orders, and memoranda during his first week in office, Biden is a Democrat through and through. That was made crystal clear Tuesday as Biden spoke about his decision to bring back “diversity and sensitivity training” and kill off President Trump’s “1776 Project.”

Why? Because only a Democrat would believe that the “obvious” reason we’ve never fully lived up to the founding principles of the United States is that “we’ve bought the view that America is a zero-sum game.” That is, if you succeed, I fail … if I hold you down, I lift myself up. That’s pretty much the opposite view of every conservative in America.

If Biden amasses a net worth of $9 million, he must have done so at the expense of so many less fortunate people, right?

Where’s Birdwatch?

Yep. The “America was never great” contingent voted for him.

But don’t worry — he’s fixing America via executive order. No more xenophobia against Asian-Americans because of the coronavirus … boom! Executive order. Restoring training to keep white educators from contributing to the spirit murder of black students. Racism fixed via executive order! America sucks, but he’ll do what he can to realize those founding ideals.