In case you missed it earlier, here are the House impeachment managers carrying their Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate:

As Twitchy reported, Chief Justice John Roberts will not preside over Trump’s trial in the Senate; rather, Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Democrat member of the jury, will preside. There’s still some question over whether the Senate can impeach a private citizen; Sen. Rand Paul is a strong no.

We understand that a lot of conservatives gave up on Fox News after election night, but Sen. Tom Cotton was on with Brett Baier and also questioned the constitutional authority of impeaching a private citizen.

But the New York Times (in an opinion piece) says yes, it is constitutional.

Oh, Sen. Mitt Romney will be there, and he’s already said he’s voting yes to “remove” Trump.

Maybe … Trump just announced the opening of the Office of the Former President.