Just as Joe Scarborough gave Donald Trump plenty of free airtime during the 2016 campaign season, members of the mainstream media gave then-senatorial candidate Raphael Warnock plenty of free exposure by tweeting his campaign videos featuring a beagle that many assumed was his. The New York Times’ Shane Goldmacher has a piece out Saturday explaining how “Alvin the beagle helped deliver the first Black senator in Georgia,” with the shocking twist that no, that wasn’t actually Warnock’s dog.

Goldmacher then proceeds to post all three of Warnock’s dog ads, as if the media hadn’t done that enough during the campaign. This is kind of interesting and sad; perhaps Alvin the beagle really did help deliver a Democratic victory in Georgia:

And to think the dog was just a prop — especially after studies have shown that dogs are a tool of white supremacy.

Why aren’t we reporting on how many people died of COVID-19 today under President Biden?