We hate to rely on CNN’s Jim Acosta for the facts, but here we are. As we mentioned earlier, a New York Times editor said she had chills watching Joe Biden’s plane land at Joint Base Andrews Tuesday, but she was mortified by the petty and childish refusal of President Trump to send a military plane to bring Biden to D.C.

NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell felt the same way, reporting that Biden had to arrive on a private charter aircraft with a generic paint job, all because Trump wouldn’t extend the courtesy of an Air Force plane.

And here’s April Ryan:

Let’s throw in actor Tim Matheson just to mix things up:

Oh, and here’s NBC News’ presidential historian, Michael Beschoss:

The New York Post editor has since deleted her tweet, probably after having seen this bit from Acosta:

The Biden’s chose that private plane. They reported fake news on the first day of Trump’s administration (that he’d removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the Oval Office) and fake news on his last day.