We’re having trouble keeping track. Back during the summer, President Trump said he was going to send in the National Guard to quell the rioting in Democrat-run cities, but the mayors pushed back, not wanting the president’s stormtroopers causing even more damage — they had things under control.

After the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, though, the National Guard was called in the protect Congress and received a heroes’ welcome. Check out Speaker Nancy Pelosi personally thanking Trump’s stormtroopers — um, the Guard, we mean.

There are now around 20,000 National Guard troops in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration, and according to Rep. Steve Cohen, at least 75 percent of them might be compromised because, as the majority of them are white men, they most likely voted for Trump.

It might be a little late since the inauguration is tomorrow and they’re already stationed around the city, but Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said she thinks it’s prudent that they are vetted just in case some of them “cannot pledge allegiance to their missions.”

It’s funny how Pelosi didn’t mention any of this a week ago when she was outside helping serve lunches to the troops and posing for photos.

Exactly. Bowser requested them, so what didn’t she know then that she suspects now?