Hillary Clinton will never be president, but she does have her own podcast, so that’s something, and she even managed to wrangle on Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a special guest. Proving that she’ll never let up on the Russian collusion theme, Clinton called for an investigative body to finally determine President Trump’s ties to Vladimir Putin (maybe she could get Robert Mueller to head it).

She also said she’d like to see Trump’s phone records from Jan. 6, the day the Capitol was stormed, to see if Trump called Putin … for instructions or moral support or something.

We apologize that this tweet includes the sound of Clinton’s voice:

She already heroically testified for 11 hours about the attack on Benghazi and the best she could come up with is, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

We don’t think Trump took his loss with dignity, but Clinton … come on, man! She’s still working the Russia angle. She’s probably still trying to get a refund for the Steele dossier.