As you know by now, President Trump has made history by becoming the first president to have been impeached twice. The official charge was “incitement of insurrection,” but as Christopher F. Rufo pointed out earlier this week, the blanket term of “white supremacy” has become synonymous with “sedition,” and even President-elect Joe Biden claimed that things would have gone much differently if Black Lives Matter had stormed the Capitol, throwing the Capitol Police under the bus as trigger-happy racists.

Rep. Cori Bush, who last weekend said she was introducing under the 14th Amendment a resolution to investigate and expel the members of Congress who helped incite a white supremacist coup attempt, again brought up white supremacy in her argument to impeach Trump, saying that to protect black lives, the first step would be to root out white supremacy by impeaching the white supremacist-in-chief.

Even calling yourself a grandmother and a mother and a sister is a violation of House rules.

So are we impeaching the president for inciting an insurrection or for being a white supremacist?

We too saw the guy carrying around the Confederate flag in the Capitol and don’t doubt that there were white supremacists involved in breaking the law. But if you’re going to impeach and remove Trump from office for being a white supremacist, we’re going to need to see more evidence, and not the “fine people” hoax again.