People are relentless in their quest to have expelled from Congress anyone who didn’t vote to certify the election, charging them with sedition and trying to overthrow an election, and their main targets are Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. A protest group that wanted to hang their “EXPEL ALL FASCISTS” banner emblazoned with the names of those Congress members on the Capitol fence were turned away by Capitol Police Wednesday, and things got ugly.

Here’s Nic Rowan of the Washington Examiner:

Police didn’t let them through and took a lot of abuse for it:

If it puts things into perspective, this is what the Capitol Police faced last Wednesday:


We’re also not big on the whole name-calling thing; we don’t remember groups calling to expel “fascist” Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin when he objected to the certification of 2016’s election citing voter suppression; on Wednesday he served as one of the House’s impeachment managers.

It is and they know it.

Can’t wait for that unity to kick in Jan. 20.