There’s a lot of buzz on Twitter today surrounding Rep. Liz Cheney by people who considered her the devil yesterday but now love her, because she’s said in a statement that she will vote to impeach President Trump.

Democratic strategist Greg Pinelo says Cheney’s become the 2024 Republican front-runner, leaving the others in the dust.

New York Times COVID reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg also wouldn’t be surprised to see Cheney run for president in 2024.

Here’s Politico’s Tim Alberta:

And Politico editor Carrie Budoff Brown is re-upping a Politico piece comparing Cheney to Margaret Thatcher.

But the experts say she’s the front-runner already … in the 2024 version of the Republican Party, which will be identical to the Democratic Party once the “large cancerous tumor” is removed. Cheney will never win, though, because they’ll go through her life history and destroy her for being a Republican.