As you know, President Trump’s personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, has been suspended permanently lest he incites any more violence with his tweets. He could move over to Parler, but the app is gone from Google’s and Apple’s online stores and Amazon has pulled the plug on Parler’s AWS hosting.

Coming to Trump’s defense is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who argued that Twitter is toying with the “fundamental right to free speech.”

According to the Financial Times, Merkel said through a spokesman that “the US government should follow Germany’s lead in adopting laws that restrict online incitement, rather than leaving it up to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to make up their own rules.” Conservatives, generally, have believed that private companies like Twitter have the right to make up their own rules; the scattershot enforcement of those rules is the problem. (How is Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed to get away with alleging election fraud?)

Trump has also found an ally in Russian blogger and dissident Alexei Navalny, who called Trump’s suspension “an unacceptable act of censorship” that would be used by the Kremlin to justify his own blacklisting by state media.

Ayatollah Khamenei will be the last world leader on Twitter.