Gov. Andrew Cuomo may have won an International Emmy Award for his daily coronavirus briefings, but Drew Holden and Brady Leonard are calling Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis man of the year for his leadership in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re all pretty sick of hearing about Cuomo’s brilliant response to the coronavirus (which was to write a book); there was even talk during the Democratic primaries that Joe Biden should have been swapped out for Cuomo.

As for DeSantis, the media coverage hasn’t been so kind, although we’ve had a couple of threads on people remarking how nice it is that Florida is open and downright normal. Holden has put together another of his receipt-laden threads comparing the media’s treatment of Cuomo and DeSantis: It’s long but well worth it.

We wish we had the same confidence, but we’ve seen no accountability: The task force Cuomo put together to investigate nursing home deaths cleared him of any responsibility.