MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin, the guy who isn’t Vox’s Aaron Rupar but might as well be, works for a network where the sky’s been falling continuously for the past four years, but he’s accusing Nikki Haley of scaring Americans with her talk about socialism slowly becoming the default economic policy of the Democratic Party. Never mind that if Joe Biden hadn’t have jumped in, socialist Bernie Sanders likely would have been the Democratic candidate for president in 2020 (and might have been in 2016 too if he hadn’t been kneecapped by the DNC).

Guess we should ignore that poll from the 2018 midterms that showed “a majority of Democrats no longer hold a positive view of capitalism, while nearly 60 percent of them feel good about socialism.”

If the Democratic Party isn’t moving toward socialism, how do you explain just about everything put forward during the primary debates? At least Andrew Yang had the guts to admit he was a capitalist — why would he have to do that, do you think?