We here at Twitchy had one request for Santa on Christmas Eve: that the New York Times actually publish something on Rep. Eric Swalwell and the Chinese spy he was involved with. (Just how involved is something we don’t want to think about on a full stomach.) Sadly, neither Santa nor the Times came through, as a search still brings up nothing.

And then there was that police bodycam footage Tucker Carlson aired when police responded to an altercation when Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock allegedly ran over his now-ex-wife’s foot during a heated argument. As Twitchy reported, CNN didn’t completely ignore the story; anchor Jake Tapper retweeted Atlanta Journal-Constitution political reporter Greg Bluestein’s take that Warnock’s wife called him a “great actor.”

Stephen Miller is still on CNN’s case as we watched on Christmas Eve while Wolf Blitzer followed Santa on the NORAD tracker, noting each time that Santa was being responsible during the COVID-19 pandemic and wearing a mask.

This came after a segment on CNN featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci, who assured children that he’d traveled to the North Pole and given Santa the coronavirus vaccine personally.

No evidence and no charges? Sounds like Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, but that got wall-to-wall coverage.

And as long as we know Santa was being responsible and wearing a mask.