Every since Twitchy launched, we’ve been updating our Handbook of Racist Code Words, which includes such entries as urban, heartland, breadbasket, aloof, thug, crime, and chair. You can attempt to be woke by referring to someone by their preferred pronouns, although that’s also problematic; it’s better just to say “pronouns.”

Where did we learn that? A list of inclusive words has been going around that claims to come from the IT department at the University of Michigan — the same place that spends about $11 million annually on its force of around 100 diversity staffers. Take a look:

A couple of standouts are “picnic” and “brown bag.” We don’t know why brown bag would be problematic, but even Snopes has looked into (and debunked) an email going around claiming that the word picnic came from “pick a nic,” with nic being an abbreviation of the n-word; a picnic was actually a lynching.

Easily. Get Titania McGrath on the case.

We’d guess they just found it on the internet, but a lot of those terms are pretty specific to IT, like whitelisting and blacklisting.

“Concerns have been raised over the origin of the word ‘picnic’ as the current name could make some faculty & staff feel excluded and harmed.”