We’ve been looking forward to this holiday for a week now. Washington, D.C.’s mayor declared December 24 Dr. Anthony Fauci Day, and it’s finally here. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer called him a “national treasure” while holding up his Fauci bobblehead. It might be Christmas Eve, but who knows if there’d even be a Christmas if Fauci didn’t travel to the North Pole and vaccinate Santa himself. Fauci’s 80th birthday is the top trend on Twitter:

Joe and Dr. Jill Biden sang him “Happy Birthday”:

First responders sang “Happy Birthday”:


Oh, and as Twitchy reported, Fauci kicked off Dr. Fauci Day by declaring that he’d “deliberately been moving the goalposts.”

Why is Brit Hume trying to spoil this very special day?


If you’d like to send a birthday shout-out, you might also consider Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn:

* * *


Here’s another tribute to Fauci that just came in from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: