It’s something we’ve wondered ourselves: What are all the people whose whole lives have revolved around hating President Trump going to do once he’s out of the Oval Office? We already know that at least one of the Never-Trumpers heading the Lincoln Project has been sniffing around AOC’s Twitter feed to see if she wants to team up.

The New York Times has published a piece by novelist Viet Nguyen about post-Trump literature: What will writers do now that their daily dose of outrage has passed?

Nguyen writes:

… Mr. Trump destroyed the ability of white writers to dwell in the apolitical. Everyone had to make a choice, especially in the face of a pandemic and the killing of George Floyd, both of which brought the life-or-death costs of systemic racism and economic inequality into painful focus.

But in 2021, will writers, especially white writers, take a deep breath of relief and retreat back to the politics of the apolitical, which is to say a retreat back to white privilege?

Explicit politics in American poetry and fiction has mostly been left to the marginalized: writers of color, queer and trans writers, feminist writers, anticolonial writers.

“Colonizers write about flowers,” Ms. [Noor] Hindi writes. “I want to be like those poets who care about the moon. Palestinians don’t see the moon from jail cells and prisons.”

This is my kind of poem.

“I know I’m American because when I walk into a room something dies,” Ms. Hindi writes. “When I die, I promise to haunt you forever.”

Jesse Jingal wants to know how this sentence got past the New York Times’ layers and layers of fact-checkers:

In case that’s too small to read:

The United States, as a settler colonial society that disavows its settler colonial origins and present, sees a like-minded ally in Israel. The only Americans — many of Palestinian descent — getting canceled by being fired, denied tenure or threatened with lawsuits are the ones who denounce Israeli settler colonialism and speak out for the Palestinian people.

Really? The only Americans getting canceled are those who speak out for the Palestinian people? How did this get published?