OK, here’s a video inside a thread inside of another thread, so there’s some digging to do, but it’s worth it. We all know that CNN’s Brian Stelter watches Fox News all day and night (he even used it as “research” for his book on Fox News; nice side-hustle). What we didn’t know is that The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona also monitors Fox News, and called out “Outnumbered’s” Kennedy for borrowing a phrase from Twitchy favorite Stephen Miller: “Tater’s gonna tater.”

We would have accepted either answer. Baragona wasn’t done with Fox News yet, though.

Yeah, Tucker’s great. But if you want to argue about chyrons, you do not want to be on the side defending CNN.

Those aren’t even all of Baragona’s tweets. Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, compiled them all in one handy picture:

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld would love to hear what all of these media hall monitors tell their families they do for a living.