In checking our archives, it turns out we’ve done quite a few posts on USA Today and fact-checking just this month. For example, USA Today “fact-checked” a very real photo of Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s pick for press secretary, wearing a hammer and sickle hat, saying it was “missing context.” Just one day later, USA Today “fact-checked” a claim that “several Democratic politicians are urging social distancing and issuing stay-at-home advisories while hosting or attending gatherings themselves” by saying it, too, was “missing context.”

Now USA Today is fact-checking satire site The Babylon Bee (again) over a piece obviously inspired by the story of a family getting kicked off a United Airlines flight because their two-year-old wouldn’t keep her mask on.

Ella Lee reports:

An article in the Babylon Bee, headlined “United Airlines Kicks 2-Year-Old Off Flight For Refusing To Say ‘Black Lives Matter,'” claims the airline refused to let a young girl fly after she couldn’t pronounce the racial justice expression. The airline supposedly scolded the family of the child in a statement, too, citing its “strict ideological purity requirement” for all flights. Promotion for the article was posted to Instagram.

“We can’t let people fly on planes with the fear that a racist baby might be on board,” the airline supposedly said. “The family was quickly removed after which we lectured them for 2 hours in the airport terminal.”

USA Today’s rating? Satire. Oh yeah: “Our fact check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook.”

Here’s Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon:

USA Today really seems to be taking its role as a fact-checker seriously; wonder how much Facebook is paying them?