KOIN reports that a fire at Reo’s Ribs in Portland in late November was started by an arsonist. The restaurant wasn’t damaged, but the building next door was. Andy Ngo reports that the owner had been critical of the vandalism in Portland which he blamed on Antifa. “Just days before the most recent fire, a family member at Reo’s Ribs told KOIN 6 News that when he came into work he was able see the protest-related damage in the neighborhood.” Co-owner Myra Girod told KOIN she’s glad to “know that it isn’t racially motivated or hate motivated,” but it certainly seems hate-motivated. Authorities say they have someone they’d like to question.

Anyway, here’s the video:

Looks fiery but mostly peaceful.

That’s Portland. Just checking in on nearby Seattle we can see what activists have been up to at Cal Anderson Park, former site of CHAZ/CHOP. Looking good, Seattle.