Michelle Boorstein, a religion reporter “covering the busy marketplace of American faith,” writes in the Washington Post that President Joe Biden’s “faith commitments should lead to positive policies from the church’s perspective … on topics including fighting the impacts of racism, supporting migrants and opposing the death penalty.” After all, “for the next four years, the country will see its president go to Mass every Sunday, take out a rosary at times of contemplation, and quote his favorite childhood nuns and Catholic poets.”

However, he’ll also “be up against a solidly conservative — and majority Catholic — Supreme Court eager to protect the religious freedom of traditional faith groups when it comes to things like not hiring or offering health-care coverage to openly LGBTQ employees and their families.”

Yeah, who was vice president when the Obama administration dragged the Little Sisters of the Poor to the Supreme Court?

Yes, this is a religion reporter just like CBS News has its “abortion access reporter” to cover pro-life issues.

We thought it would be Inauguration Day before we saw takes this hot. Buckle in.