We held off on this for a bit because we couldn’t tell if he (yes, we checked for pronouns in his bio) was being serious or not. But seeing as Noah Berlatsky, who’s had bylines in NBC Think, among others, has been spending a good part of his day defending his initial tweet and bringing in heavy hitters like Marx and Engels to prove his point that parents are tyrants, we’re pretty sure he’s being serious.

We’re not going to post the entire rant here, but do know that Berlatsky is the parent of a teenage daughter and had a lovely childhood, just so you know where he’s coming from.

He’s a dad, so strap in for some parenting advice straight from Twitter. First of all, chores are OK as long as they’re not compelled by punishment.

OK, so tell us more about the connection between the awfulness of capitalism and the tyranny of parents:

Parenting is also a lot like a fair amount of policing:

Who has the right to beat a child, any child, unconscious?

Parents enforce gender norms, which is related to patriarchy and capitalism:

OK, just two more, we promise:

But this was an accurate representation of family dynamics. And all of those corporations and sports franchises who bent over backward to support Black Lives Matter never seemed interested in the part of the manifesto where the Marxist founders wanted to destroy the nuclear family.