It’s always funny to refer to the team formerly known as the Redskins as the Washington Football Team, and unless they can come up with something better, Northeast Ohioans might soon be rooting for the Cleveland Baseball Team, after the New York Times reported that the team is dropping the name “Indians.”

As you can see in that photo, the team formerly known as the Indians swapped out the “Chief Wahoo” logo on their uniforms in 2018 for that letter C. Protests against the team name have been small, but back in 2017, a Canadian court had the task of deciding if the team’s jerseys were too offensive to let them play in Toronto.

People have been coming up with plenty of new names for the team that will probably still offend someone, somewhere.

Bring back the Spiders?

We’re kind of partial to just the Cleveland Rocks.

Eries isn’t going to fly, as the Erie were a Native American tribe. Better rename the Pennsylvania city too.

And yes, as people are noting, The Cleveland Baseball Team’s home is Progressive Field.