In case you hadn’t heard, there was a rally in Washington, D.C. Saturday in support of President Trump. Dan Scavino posted an aerial shot from Marine One which flew over the crowd on its way to the Army-Navy game.

Seeing as the place was packed with Trump supporters, Antifa just happened to be there too, and now that it’s getting dark, things are heating up. Joe Biden assured us at the second presidential debate that Antifa is “just an idea,” but what does that make the black bloc?

Drew Hernandez managed to catch a Trump-supporting couple being assaulted:

The Daily Beast’s Shelby Talbott is there and found that counter-protesters didn’t appreciate Trump supporters in Black Lives Matter Plaza.

And now it’s “all-out brawls” between Antifa and Proud Boys:

The thing is, Antifa and Black Lives Matter aren’t going away after Inauguration Day. (Even without Trump, we’d expect the “Poor Boys” to hang around as a counter to Antifa.) Joe Biden is going to have to eventually say something about these extremist left-wing groups whose existence he denies.